Students with Print Disabilities

We are pleased to offer alternative formats to students with a print disability and to accessibility offices through our digital distributor, Bibliovault. Please click here to request an accessible format. If you are unable to resolve your request through Bibliovault, please send an email to


Most Gallaudet University Press books published after 2016, as well as many older titles, are available in epub format for purchase at our website. Epubs are optimized for screen readers and text-to-speech technologies. In addition, the epub format allows for adjustable text size and page layout.


Many Gallaudet University Press books are available from Bookshare, which provides an accessible ebook reading experience for people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, low vision, physical disabilities, and other reading barriers.

Alternative Text

We provide alternative text for cover images, images within books published after 2022, and for images used in digital marketing.

ASL Video

Please visit our YouTube channel to find our published video content in ASL and other signed languages.


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