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University Press Week 2023

By Angela Leppig Date: November 16, 2023

University Press Week is an annual event that recognizes the vital work of university presses and celebrates their impact on scholarship and culture. University presses are an essential component of the scholarly communication ecosystem and have a responsibility to not only disseminate rigorous academic works but also to facilitate change within the academy.

Today’s UP Week theme is “How do university presses #SpeakUP?” One goal of Gallaudet University Press is to elevate the use of signed languages in scholarly discourse. By incorporating American Sign Language alongside our written English works, we not only provide enhanced language access for signing deaf and hard of hearing readers, but we also lay the foundation for improving language attitudes toward signed languages. 

Online multimedia platforms offer elegant solutions for ASL-English bilingual publishing. Guidelines for Multilingual Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs is an example of an open access, short-form publication hosted on our Manifold platform.    

Written English wraps above and below and image of a man signing


YouTube is, of course, a great way to showcase signed video content that allows for widespread discovery and distribution. The playlist below offers signed language summaries for chapters included in a contributed volume about legal interpreting. In the hardcover and ebook editions, QR codes are placed at the beginning of the chapter to link directly to the signed video.


Below is an example of how we incorporate signed content into the book pages on our website. This particular volume is exciting because it features signed languages from around the world. 

A book cover, title, buy buttons, and written English text appear above an image of a woman signing.


University presses play a critical role in shaping cultural, social, and political conversations. We provide global platforms for emerging ideas and underrepresented perspectives. Happy University Press Week!

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Thank you for reading to the end! To show our appreciation for your time, please take 50% off any book on our website with promo code THANKYOU, good through Nov. 30.