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Deaf Mobility Studies

Exploring International Networks, Tourism, and Migration

Deaf Mobility Studies revolutionizes how we think about deaf people’s international experiences. Equipped with a common theoretical framework, a team of five deaf ethnographers journeyed alongside their ...

It's a Small World

International Deaf Spaces and Encounters

It’s a Small World explores the fascinating and, at times, controversial concept of DEAF-SAME (“I am deaf, you are deaf, and so we are the same”) and its influence on deaf spaces locally and globally. ...

Deaf to the Marrow

Deaf Social Organizing and Active Citizenship in Viet Nam

In Deaf to the Marrow, public anthropologist Audrey C. Cooper examines the social production and transformation of ideas about language, bodies, and state-structured educational institutions in southern ...

My Mother Made Me Deaf

Discourse and Identity in a Deaf Community

The term deaf often sparks heated debates about authority and authenticity. The concept of Deaf identity and affiliation with the DEAF-WORLD are constantly negotiated social constructions that rely heavily ...

Signing and Belonging in Nepal

While many deaf organizations around the world have adopted an ethno-linguistic framing of deafness, the meanings and consequences of this perspective vary across cultural contexts, and relatively little ...

Citizenship, Politics, Difference

Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Signed Language Communities

1st Edition

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most linguistically, culturally, and geographically diverse regions of the world, home to more than 2,000 languages. As in the rest of the world, Deaf people live throughout ...

Deaf Space in Adamorobe

An Ethnographic Study in a Village in Ghana

1st Edition

Shared signing communities consist of a relatively high number of hereditarily deaf people living together with hearing people in relative isolation. In the United States, Martha’s Vineyard gained mythical ...

Many Ways to Be Deaf

International Variation in Deaf Communities

First Edition

The recent explosion of sociocultural, linguistic, and historical research on signed languages throughout the world has culminated in Many Ways to Be Deaf, an unmatched collection of in-depth articles ...

Show of Hands

A Natural History of Sign Language

1st Edition

Most scholarly speculation on the origin of human language has centered around speech. However, the growing understanding of sign languages on human development has transformed the debate on language ...