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Country of Glass

Country of Glass is the debut poetry collection from Sarah Katz, who offers an exploration of the concept of precariousness as it applies to bodies, families, countries, and whole societies. Katz employs ...

Turn on the Words!

By Harry G. Lang
Foreword by Ernest E Hairston
Afterword by Jason Stark
Categories: Deaf History, Deaf Studies

The story of how captioning came into the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people has not been told with any detail, though captions are one of the greatest technological advancements in the effort to ...

Literacy and Deaf Education

International perspectives about literacy and deaf students is an uncharted intellectual landscape. Much of the literacy research in deaf education is conducted in English-speaking countries—primarily ...

Signing and Belonging in Nepal

While many deaf organizations around the world have adopted an ethno-linguistic framing of deafness, the meanings and consequences of this perspective vary across cultural contexts, and relatively little ...