Deaf Adolescents

Inner Lives and Lifeworld Development

1st Edition

By Martha Sheridan

Categories: Psychology / Mental Health, Professional / Reference, Parenting / Family
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Hardcover : 9781563683695, 240 pages, March 2008
Ebook : 9781563684050, 240 pages, September 2009
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Sheridan revisits seven deaf and hard of hearing teenagers whom she profiled in her first book to see how their lives have progressed.



In her landmark book Inner Lives of Deaf Children: Interviews and Analysis, Martha A. Sheridan explored the lifeworlds — the individual and collective elements and realities that are present within the participants’ existential experiences, their relationships, and their truths — of seven deaf and hard of hearing children between the ages of seven and ten. What she discovered were deaf children with strengths, positive experiences, and positive relationships. Sheridan’s new book Deaf Adolescents: Inner Lives and Lifeworld Development returns to these seven individuals, now between the ages of 13 and 17, to see how their lives have progressed since their first interviews.
Establishing an identity is said to be a primary and necessary task of adolescence. Deaf Adolescents reveals how these young adults all have begun to deal with tasks and situations that lead them to rely more on themselves and others outside of their families. Many of them talk about the athletic challenges that they face, and how their success depends upon their own efforts. They also think about the future while biding their time, taking “a break” from the furious growth that they are experiencing and also enjoying time spent with other deaf friends.
In this volume, Sheridan examines the similarities and differences that these deaf young adults reveal in their views at two developmental points in their lives. Her renewed study has advanced the quest to determine what pathways and spaces can foster productive, healthy, satisfying, actualized deaf lives.


Martha A. Sheridan is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work at Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.