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Alone in the Mainstream

Looking Back on Public School as a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child

First Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition

In 1975, federal legislation initiated drastic changes in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children. Public Law 94-142, later known as IDEA, proposed to provide the “Least Restrictive Environment” ...

The Proper Way to Educate the Deaf

A Modern Annotated Translation

First Edition

This volume presents the first complete English translation of the Abbé de l’Épée’s seminal work describing his methodology for educating deaf children. Originally published in French in 1798, ...

Deaf Mobility Studies

Exploring International Networks, Tourism, and Migration

Deaf Mobility Studies revolutionizes how we think about deaf people’s international experiences. Equipped with a common theoretical framework, a team of five deaf ethnographers journeyed alongside their ...


Multilingual Teaching Strategies for Diverse Deaf Students

A highly practical and engaging resource for current and future teachers, 58-IN-MIND describes and demonstrates theoretically-driven, research-based, and classroom-tested best practices for using American ...

Far from Atlantis


In Far from Atlantis, Raymond Luczak makes use of traditional poetic forms to tell the stories of two vastly different worlds: the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which often looks like an island on the ...

Everything That Hurt Us Becomes a Ghost


Sage Ravenwood is a deaf Indigenous poet whose work deals with the lingering, resurgent trauma of familial violence and the machinations of colonialism. Everything That Hurt Us Becomes a Ghost is a poet’s ...

Agatha Tiegel Hanson

Our Places in the Sun

Agatha Tiegel Hanson (1873-1959) is regarded as a seminal figure in Deaf history for her writing, advocacy, and leadership, though her accomplishments merit recognition within the larger context of American ...

Photographic Memories

Selected Essays, Playlets, and Stories

Photographic Memories is an anthology of essays, playlets, and short fiction by writer and photographer Willy Conley. The pieces in this collection are grounded in Deaf experiences, a hallmark of Conley’s ...

Beyond Equivalence

Reconceptualizing Interpreting Performance Assessment

There is a longstanding need for valid, reliable measurements of interpreting competence. Although rubrics and checklists are commonly used in both academic and employment settings, a review of available ...

A Quiet Foghorn

More Notes from a Deaf Gay Life

In this collection of essays, Raymond Luczak once again offers readers powerful and deeply personal reflections on his experiences as a Deaf gay man. He begins his journey with the printed word where ...