Interpreter Education

Cynthia B. Roy, Series Editor

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International Perspectives on Sign Language Translator and Interpreter Education

Second Edition

The field of sign language translator and interpreter (SLTI) education gets a global treatment in this new volume helmed by editors Jemina Napier, Stacey Webb, and Robert Adam. This second edition updates ...

Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy

Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers

For over forty years, the Conference of Interpreter Trainers has provided opportunities for advancing teaching and learning in interpreter education. This volume highlights fifteen seminal papers from ...

Legal Interpreting

Teaching, Research, and Practice

Linguistic minorities are often severely disadvantaged in legal events, with consequences that could impact one’s very liberty. Training for interpreters to provide full access in legal settings is ...

The Role of the Educational Interpreter

Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers

While educational interpreting has been studied for decades, the research has historically focused on the tasks educational interpreters are engaged in during their work day. In The Role of the Educational ...

The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education

Pursuing Evidence-Based Practices

This collection contributes to an emerging body of research in sign language interpreter education, a field in which research on teaching practices has been rare. The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter ...

Conversations with Interpreter Educators

Exploring Best Practices

Sign language interpreter education is a relatively young field that is moving toward more theory-based and research-oriented approaches. The concept of sharing research, which is strongly encouraged ...

Interpreter Education in the Digital Age

Innovation, Access, and Change

1st Edition

This collection brings together innovative research and approaches for blended learning using digital technology in interpreter education for signed and spoken languages. Volume editors Suzanne Ehrlich ...

Evolving Paradigms in Interpreter Education

1st Edition

This volume brings together a cadre of world-renowned interpreting educators and researchers who conduct a rich exploration of paradigms, both old and new, in interpreter education. They review existing ...

Service Learning in Interpreter Education

Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community

1st Edition

Institutions of higher learning around the nation have embraced the concept of student civic engagement as part of their curricula, a movement that has spurred administrators in various fields to initiate ...

In Our Hands

Educating Healthcare Interpreters

1st Edition

Deaf Americans have identified healthcare as the most difficult setting in which to obtain a qualified interpreter. Yet, relatively little attention has been given to developing evidence-based resources ...