African American Studies

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The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL

Its History and Structure

Black ASL has long been recognized as a distinct variety of American Sign Language based on abundant anecdotal evidence. The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL, originally published in 2011, presents the ...

Sounds Like Home

Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South

20th Anniversary Edition

Originally published in 1999, Sounds Like Home adds an important dimension to the canon of deaf literature by presenting the perspective of an African American deaf woman who attended a segregated deaf ...

Paris in America

A Deaf Nanticoke Shoemaker and His Daughter

Clara Jean Mosley Hall has inhabited various cultural worlds in her life: Native American, African American, Deaf, and hearing. The hearing daughter of a Deaf Nanticoke man, who grew up in Dover, Delaware’s ...

Black Deaf Students

A Model for Educational Success

First Edition

Contemporary research has identified resilience — the ability to rebound and learn despite obstacles and adversities — as a key element to success in school. Black Deaf Students: A Model for Educational ...

On the Beat of Truth

A Hearing Daughter’s Stories of Her Black Deaf Parents

1st Edition

As an African American woman born in 1943, Maxine Childress Brown possessed a unique vantage point to witness the transformative events in her parents’ lives. Both came from the South -- her father, ...

Far from Home

Memories of World War II and Afterward

First Edition

“She’s got no more business there than a pig has with a Bible.” That’s what her father said when Mary Herring announced that she would be moving to Washington, DC, in late 1942. Recently graduated ...