Deaf Lives

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Alone in the Mainstream

Looking Back on Public School as a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child

First Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition

In 1975, federal legislation initiated drastic changes in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children. Public Law 94-142, later known as IDEA, proposed to provide the “Least Restrictive Environment” ...

Get Your Elbow Off the Horn

Stories through the Years

Get Your Elbow Off the Horn is a collection of interactions and observations written by Jack R. Gannon, a lifelong advocate for the Deaf community. Warm and amusing, Gannon’s stories begin with his rural ...

Deaf in DC

A Memoir

1st Edition

In his first memoir, Madan Vasishta described being a deaf boy in his homeland India, where “deaf” meant someone who is not human. After rising from herding cattle to being a respected photographer ...

Deaf Lives in Contrast

Two Women's Stories

1st Edition

The Eighth Volume in the Deaf Lives Series
Deaf Lives in Contrast: Two Women’s Stories might seem to bring together polar opposites in the broad range of deaf experience. Yet, as these narratives unfold, ...

Day by Day

The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter

1st Edition

The Seventh Volume in the Deaf Lives Series

Elizabeth Thompson’s hearing loss was detected when she was in elementary school, and her hearing continued to deteriorate until she became completely deaf. ...

Teaching from the Heart and Soul

The Robert F. Panara Story

The Sixth Volume in the Deaf Lives Series
Robert F. Panara lost his hearing from spinal meningitis in 1931 at the age of ten. However, he could read and write, and with his friends’ help, Bob (as he ...


A Young Australian's Experience with Deafness

First Edition

By Paul Jacobs
Categories: Biography / Memoir
Series: Deaf Lives

The Fifth Volume in the Deaf Lives Series
Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1974, Paul Jacobs lost his mother when he was three months old. When he was five, he lost most of his hearing. These two defining ...

Deaf in Delhi

A Memoir

In 1952, after two weeks of typhoid fever and the mumps, 11-year-old Madan Vasishta awoke one night to discover that he could no longer hear. He was horrified because in India, the word for “deaf” ...

Deaf Women's Lives

Three Self-Portraits

First Edition

Three deaf women with widely varying stories share their experiences in this unique collection, revealing the vast differences in the circumstances of their lives, but also striking similarities. In Bainy ...

Deaf Hearing Boy

A Memoir

By R.H. Miller
Categories: Biography / Memoir
Series: Deaf Lives

Born in 1938, R. H. Miller was the oldest of four hearing boys with deaf parents in Defiance, Ohio, a small agricultural community. Deaf Hearing Boy is Miller’s compelling account of the complex dynamics ...