Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients from Diverse Groups

2nd Edition

Edited by Irene W. Leigh

Categories: Psychology / Mental Health
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Paperback : 9781563684470, 368 pages, August 2010
Ebook : 9781563684524, 368 pages, September 2014
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More than 30 experts describe intervention approaches, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, with deaf clients from diverse groups, including African Americans, American Indians, Asians, Latinos, lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations, college students, cochlear implant recipients, and others.



The second edition of Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients from Diverse Groups features the introduction of six new chapters that complement full revisions of original chapters with advances in the field since its initial publication. The first part begins with a new chapter on the current ethical issues relevant to working with deaf clients. In subsequent chapters it provides updated information on the diversity of consumer knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences. Deaf therapists and their involvement in the Deaf community also are scrutinized in this context.
     The revised second part examines psychotherapy for various constituencies, including deaf women; lesbian, gay, and bisexual deaf populations; children of deaf parents; and people with Usher syndrome. Part Three chapters consider interventions with African American deaf clients, American Indians who are deaf, and Asians who are American and deaf. A new chapter expands information on therapy for Latino deaf clients.
     The final section incorporates three new chapters on other deaf populations — deaf college students, recipients of cochlear implants, and deaf elderly clients. Also, new information has been added to chapters on the treatment of deaf survivors of sexual abuse and deaf clients with chemical dependency. The last addition to the second edition outlines dialectical behavior therapy for deaf clients, a valuable option for clinicians.


Irene W. Leigh is Professor Emerita, Psychology, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.