Working Text (Teacher's Guide)

Teaching Deaf and Second-Language Students to Be Better Writers

1st Edition

By Sue Livingston

Categories: Deaf Education
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
: 9781563684661, 224 pages, September 2010
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This book teaches Deaf and second-language students how to write through exercises carefully crafted using the X-Word Grammar approach, with all writing activities and their answers included in print and on a special CD.



After teaching developmental writing to deaf students for may years, Sue Livingston found that students who can read and analyze written texts become better writers. They achieve their improvement by reading, then writing about what they have read. Livingston has embodied her successful approach in Working Text: Teaching Deaf and Second-Language Students to Be Better Writers.

In this straightforward instructional book, Livingston first explains what is involved and why her methods work with deaf students, second-language students, and other students who need to improve their writing ability. Upon this foundation, Working Text delineates how to teach students to write through reading and writing exercises. These exercises have been carefully crafted using the X-Word Grammar approach to help students discover common language constructions that they can apply to their own writing. As the students progress, their understanding of the elements of good writing will grow.

Working Text also includes all of the exercises and appendices featured in the Working Test: X-Word Grammar and Writing Activities for Students workbook, both in print and on on a special CD. The answers for the exercises are included as well, as are sample quizzes, and the CD can be used in the classroom for interactive lessons in conjunction with the student workbook. Working Text: Teaching Deaf and Second-Language Students to Be Better Writers, in concert with its companion student workbook, will help deaf, second-language, and other students develop into markedly better, more confident writers.


Sue Livingston is Professor, Program for Deaf Adults, LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York, NY.