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Photographic Memories

Selected Essays, Playlets, and Stories

Photographic Memories is an anthology of essays, playlets, and short fiction by writer and photographer Willy Conley. The pieces in this collection are grounded in Deaf experiences, a hallmark of Conley’s ...

Deaf American Literature

From Carnival to the Canon

First Edition

“The moment when a society must contend with a powerful language other than its own is a decisive point in its evolution. This moment is occurring now in American society.” Cynthia Peters explains ...

Signs and Voices

Deaf Culture, Identity, Language, and Arts

1st Edition

Cochlear implants, mainstreaming, genetic engineering, and other ethical dilemmas  confronting deaf people mandated a new, wide-ranging examination of these issues, fulfilled by Signs and Voices: Deaf ...

Whispers of a Savage Sort

And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience

1st Edition

     “Oh, why can’t the deaf community be more like a family?” is the plaint of a character in Raymond Luczak’s title play Whispers of a Savage Sort. It also goes far in characterizing the ...

Vignettes of the Deaf Character and Other Plays

1st Edition

After spending three years in The National Theatre of the Deaf performing plays by hearing authors featuring hearing characters, Willy Conley realized that he wanted to write plays with deaf, hard-of- ...

Hearing Difference

The Third Ear in Experimental, Deaf, and Multicultural Theater

First Edition

This engrossing studyinvestigates the connections between hearing and deafness in experimental, Deaf, and multicultural theater. Author Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren focuses on how to articulate a Deaf aesthetic ...

Deaf Way II: An International Celebration

An International Celebration

First Edition

In July 2002, more than 9,700 Deaf people from around the world met in Washington, D.C., to share their arts, research, and languages at Deaf Way II, a joyous festival of diverse Deaf cultures. Deaf Way ...

Deaf Side Story

Deaf Sharks, Hearing Jets, and a Classic American Musical

First Edition

The 1957 classic American musical West Side Story has been staged by countless community and school theater groups, but none more ambitious than the 2000 production by MacMurray College, a small school ...

Lessons in Laughter

The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor

To succeed as an actor is a rare feat. To succeed as a deaf actor is nothing short of amazing. Lessons in Laughter is the story of Bernard Bragg and his astonishing lifelong achievements in the performing ...

The Deaf Way II Anthology

A Literary Collection by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers

First Edition

In July 2002, the second Deaf Way Conference and Festival took place at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., attracting more than 5,000 people worldwide. Researchers, artists, performers, and others ...