Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities

Emily Shaw and Julie A. Hochgesang, Series Editors

ISSN: 1080-5494

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Signed Language Corpora

Jordan Fenlon and Julie A. Hochgesang present a revolutionary contribution to the field of signed language linguistics with Signed Language Corpora, the first volume to provide a comprehensive overview ...

Gesture in Multiparty Interaction

Gesture in Multiparty Interaction confronts the competing views that exist regarding gesture’s relationship to language. In this work, Emily Shaw examines embodied discourses in American Sign Language ...

The Sociolinguistics of Ethiopian Sign Language

A Study of Language Use and Attitudes

Ethiopian Sign Language (EthSL) emerged relatively recently; its development is closely tied to the establishment of the first school for deaf students in Addis Ababa by American missionaries in 1963. ...

Understanding International Sign

A Sociolinguistic Study

In Understanding International Sign, Lori A. Whynot examines International Sign (IS) to determine the extent to which signers from different countries comprehend it. She focuses exclusively on expository ...

International Sign

Linguistic, Usage, and Status Issues

International Sign (IS) is widely used among deaf people and interpreters at international events, but what exactly is it, what are its linguistic features, where does its lexicon come from, and how is ...

Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Classrooms

New Scholarship

1st Edition

A new initiative known as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) strives to improve education today by methodically examining and assessing the vital component of classroom interaction. This ...

Form, Meaning, and Focus in American Sign Language

1st Edition

The meaning of any linguistic expression resides not only in the words, but also in the ways that those words are conveyed. In her new study, Miako N. P. Rankin highlights the crucial interrelatedness ...

Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities

Is perception reality? Editor Melanie Metzger investigates the cultural perceptions by and of deaf people around the world in Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities.

       “All sociocultural ...

Language Attitudes in the American Deaf Community

1st Edition

In a diverse signing community, it is not unusual to encounter a wide variety of expression in the types of signs used by different people. Perceptions of signing proficiency often vary within the community, ...

Storytelling and Conversation

Discourse in Deaf Communities

1st Edition

In this intriguing book, renowned sociolinguistics experts explore the importance of discourse analysis, a process that examines patterns of language to understand how users build cooperative understanding ...