A Deaf Adult Speaks Out

Third Edition

By Leo Jacobs

Categories: Biography / Memoir, Deaf Communities and Cultures
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Paperback : 9780930323615, 169 pages, October 1989
Ebook : 9781563681912, 169 pages, September 2014
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Leo Jacobs has written a unique and personal account of what it is like to be deaf in a hearing world. He speaks out on such issues as mainstreaming and its effect on deaf children and the Deaf community, total communication versus oralism, employment opportunities for deaf adults, and public policy toward deaf people.

This new edition includes an update of services by and for deaf people, and an expanded chapter on legislation and social issues that have had an impact on the Deaf community in the last ten years.


Leo M. Jacobs taught for many years at the California School for the Deaf at Berkeley (now Fremont).