The Parents' Guide to Cochlear Implants

First Edition

By Patricia M. Chute & Mary Ellen Nevins

Categories: Audiology / Speech and Hearing Sciences, Parenting / Family
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Paperback : 9781563681295, 200 pages, October 2002
Ebook : 9781563681844, 200 pages, October 2009
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Now, parents of deaf children have at hand a complete guide to the process of cochlear implantation. Written by two eminent professionals in deaf education, The Parents’ Guide to Cochlear Implants explains in a friendly, easy-to-follow style each stage of the process. Parents will discover how to have their child evaluated to determine her or his suitability for an implant. They’ll learn about implant device options, how to choose an implant center, and every detail of the surgical procedure. The initial “switch-on” is described along with counseling about device maintenance.

Most importantly, parents will learn their roles in helping their child adjust to and successfully use the cochlear implant. The Parents’ Guide to Cochlear Implants emphasizes such critical subjects as learning to listen through home activities, implants as tools for language development, and critical issues regarding school placement. This encouraging book considers the implications for performance in light of the whole child, including issues related to Deaf culture and cochlear implants. The authors also include brief stories by parents whose children have had implants that provide reassuring actual experiences to parents considering the procedure for their own child. With a last word on parenting perspectives and a rich source of resources in the appendices, this one-of-a-kind guide will arm parents of deaf children with complete confidence to make informed decisions about cochlear implantation.


Patricia M. Chute is a professor and chair of the Division of Health Professions at Mercy College.

Mary Ellen Nevins is director of Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants (PPCI) at Children’s Hospital in Pennsylvania.



"For parents trying to decide whether or not their child would benefit from a CI (not all children are suitable candidates), this guide by two specialists in the education of deaf children is a much-welcomed aid."

— Anne C. Tomlin, Auburn Memorial Hospital Library, Library Journal