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Cochlear Implants

Evolving Perspectives

1st Edition

The cochlear implant debate has changed, as evidenced in this cogent collection that presents 13 chapters by 20 experts, including several who communicate through sign language but also utilize cochlear ...

Sound Sense

Living and Learning with Hearing Loss

1st Edition

One out of every eight people between the ages of 18 and 67 in the United States has a hearing loss, estimated as 12 percent of the working-age population. Sound Sense: Living and Learning with Hearing ...

Living with Hearing Loss

First Edition

People who are hard of hearing and their friends and relatives now can learn all they need to know about hearing loss in this easy to read guide. Newly updated and revised, Living with Hearing Loss takes ...

The Parents' Guide to Cochlear Implants

First Edition

Now, parents of deaf children have at hand a complete guide to the process of cochlear implantation. Written by two eminent professionals in deaf education, The Parents’ Guide to Cochlear Implants explains ...

Signing With Your Clients

Especially for use with deaf and hard-of-hearing clients, Signing with Your Clients shows how to sign the questions and statements most frequently used by clinicians.

       More than 500 line drawings ...

Communication Therapy

An Integrated Approach to Aural Rehabilitation

This new book for students and professionals emphasizes a functional approach to aural rehabilitation refined during the past several years. It details the use of an integrated therapy strategy designed ...

Missing Words

The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss

Written by Eve Nickerson, who is deaf, and her daughter Kay Thomsett, Missing Words lays out the practical steps families can take to adjust to a loved one’s hearing loss. This excellent guidebook ...

Chris Gets Ear Tubes

1st Edition

Chris Gets Ear Tubes explains what happens before, during, and after the surgery in language a child understands. It takes away the child’s natural fear of the unknown. The charming full-color illustrations ...


A Way To Improve Understanding

Speechreading: A Way to Improve Understanding discusses the nature and process of speechreading, its benefits, and its limitations. This useful book clarifies commonly-held misconceptions about speechreading. ...