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The Gallaudet Children’s Dictionary of American Sign Language

1st Edition

* Featuring more than 1,000 ASL sign drawings * All signs paired with charming color illustrations * Introduction explains how to sign ASL and fingerspell * Complete index of English terms for each sign, ...

Handy Stories to Read and Sign

1st Edition

Handy Stories to Read and Sign takes a bilingual, fun approach to help beginning readers, deaf and hearing, improve their comprehension of both English and American Sign Language (ASL). Charmingly illustrated, ...

Handy Stories to Read and Sign Companion DVD

1st Edition

Here is the companion DVD to the popular bilingual primer Handy Stories to Read and Sign. Written by renowned linguistics professor and author Donna Jo Napoli and certified interpreter Doreen DeLuca, ...

Signing Fun

American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games, and Activities

First Edition

Here’s a great book for every young adult age 11 up, Signing Fun: American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games, and Activities. Signing is visual, easy to learn, and fun to use. Author Penny Warner ...

A Book of Colors

1st Edition

From the team that created the Baby’s First Signs books come two new board books. A Book of Colors depicts the charming character with the favorite hat signing all of the primary and secondary colors—red, ...

Baby's First Signs

First Edition

Every parent knows the frustration of trying to satisfy the demands of an infant too young to communicate his or her thoughts. Now, a growing consensus of researchers agree that not only deaf children ...

Word Signs

A First Book of Sign Language

Charming, full-color photographs of basic words plus illustrations of their corresponding signs offer children ages 1 to 4 a fun way to learn their first signs and vocabulary words. Constructed of sturdy ...

The Night Before Christmas

Told in Signed English

First Edition

Now this wonderful, seasonal poem can be enjoyed in a new way by both hearing and deaf children. Accompanying the complete verses and full-color illustrations, line drawings show this holiday favorite ...

Laurent Clerc

The Story of His Early Years

Laurent Clerc won lasting renown as the deaf teacher who helped Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet establish schools to educate deaf Americans in the 19th century. Now, his character as a young boy growing up in ...