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The Night Before Christmas

Told in Signed English

First Edition

Now this wonderful, seasonal poem can be enjoyed in a new way by both hearing and deaf children. Accompanying the complete verses and full-color illustrations, line drawings show this holiday favorite ...

The Signed English Starter

First Edition

The Signed English Starter is the first book to use when learning Signed English. It contains 940 basic signs presented topically, a method especially suited to beginning signers.

The organization of the ...

The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary

The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary is the premier volume of the Signed English series. This complete dictionary contains more than 3,100 signs, including signs reflecting lively, contemporary ...

Signed English For the Classroom

Signed English for the Classroom provides teachers with the background needed to understand the structure and methods of English Signing. A basic vocabulary of words commonly used in the classroom is ...