The Signed English Starter

First Edition

By Harry Bornstein & Karen L. Saulnier

Categories: Signed English
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Paperback : 9780913580820, 208 pages, May 1984
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The Signed English Starter is the first book to use when learning Signed English. It contains 940 basic signs presented topically, a method especially suited to beginning signers.

The organization of the volume facilitates learning. It provides a basic, functional sign vocabulary; a systematic progression in the use of the 14 sign markers; discussion of the unique features of a manual English system; a glossary of terms; and a page of exercises following each of the 12 chapters in the book. The words have been selected to be of most value to young children.


Harry Bornstein is former director of the Gallaudet Signed English Project and is now a consultant in San Francisco, CA.

Karen L. Saulnier is a former research associate at the Center for Studies in Education and Human Development at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.



A first course in Signed English for adults or children, the book is fully illustrated (several figures per page), and it is organized in a way that leads to rewarding learning quite rapidly. The authors of this new and exciting text believe firmly that Signed English must be made as easy as possible if it is going to be as useful (and used) as it can and should be. The book explains the rationale for the Signed English system and the conventions used to teach it.

— Rehabilitation Literature