Manual Communication

Implications for Education

By Harry Bornstein

Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Ebook : 9781563682193, 206 pages, October 2009
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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Manual Codes on English andAmerican Sign Language: Historical Perspectives andCurrent Realities | Joseph D. Stedt, Donald F. Moores
Chapter 2: A Manual Communication Overview | Harry Bornstein
Chapter 3:
Communication in Classrooms for Deaf Students: Student, Teacher, and Program Characteristics | Thomas E. Allen, Michael A. Karchmer
Chapter 4: Sign English in the Education of Deaf Students | James Woodward
Chapter 5: ASL and Its Implications forEducation | Robert J. Hoffmeister
Chapter 6
: Signing Exact English | Gerilee Gustason
Chapter 7
: Signed English | Harry Bornstein
Chapter 8: Cued Speech | Elizabeth L. Kipila, Barbara Williams-Scott
Chapter 9: Manual Communication WithThose Who Can Hear |
George R. Karlan
Chapter 10: Some Afterwords | Harry Bornstein



Manual Communication: Implications for Education offers the first authoritative examination of sign systems used in the education of deaf students. Professionals, teachers, and parents will appreciate the individual, expert explanations of:
American Sign Language
Pidgin Sign (Contact Sign)
Signed English
Signing Exact English
Cued Speech.

The descriptions by the acknowledged designer, administrator, or scholar of each system ensures the highest accuracy and thoroughness, distinguishing Manual Communication as a significant, important resource.
The first chapter recounts the history of sign language, particularly American Sign Language (ASL), including foreign influences and conflicts about its use. An overview follows, describing factors that affect manual communication, such as learner characteristics. Also, an analysis of a nationwide survey of teachers shows the results of their use of the various forms of manual communication in different settings.


Harry Bornstein is the former director of the Gallaudet Signed English Project and is now a consultant in San Francisco, CA.