The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary

Edited by Harry Bornstein, Karen L. Saulnier, and Lillian Hamilton

Categories: Signed English
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Hardcover : 9780913580813, 456 pages, April 1983
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The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary is the premier volume of the Signed English series. This complete dictionary contains more than 3,100 signs, including signs reflecting lively, contemporary vocabulary.

The American Manual Alphabet, numbers, and sign markers all are located in the front of the book for easy reference. Other sections provide a general description of the Signed English system, its logic, and its use. This dictionary will meet the language needs of students from preschool through their adolescent years and beyond.


Harry Bornstein is former director of the Gallaudet Signed English Project and is now a consultant in San Francisco, CA.

Karen L. Saulnier is a former research associate at the Center for Studies in Education and Human Development at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.
 Lillian B. Hamilton was a member of the Gallaudet Signed English Project.



This would be a very useful home reference tool for deaf children and their families. It should be made available in public and school libraries, and schools for the deaf.

— Education

This dictionary should be a welcome addition as a home and classroom reference tool.

— American Annals of the Deaf