Gallaudet Classics in Deaf Studies

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Silent Life and Silent Language

The Inner Life of a Mute in an Institution for the Deaf

Silent Life and Silent Language presents a fictionalized account of life at a Midwestern residential school for deaf students in the years following the Civil War. Based on the experiences of the author, ...

Adventures of a Deaf-Mute and Other Short Pieces

In Adventures of a Deaf-Mute, Deaf New Englander William B. Swett recounts his adventures in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the late 1860s. Given to us in short, energetic episodes, Swett tells ...

Mickey’s Harvest

A Novel of a Deaf Boy’s Checkered Life

1st Edition

Howard L. Terry wrote a novel between 1917 and 1922, which he donated to the Gallaudet University Archives in 1951. There it rested until a resurgence of interest in Deaf literature led to its recent ...


A Novel

1st Edition

Now, a new edition of the classic novel Islay promises to entertain a contemporary audience with its Deaf American dream first conceived by Douglas Bullard in 1986. Islay is the name of an imaginary island ...

Deaf Heritage

A Narrative History of Deaf America

1st Edition

Now, Jack R. Gannon’s original groundbreaking volume on Deaf history and culture is available once again. In Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America, Gannon brought together for the first ...

When I Am Dead

The Writings of George M. Teegarden

The Sixth Volume in the Gallaudet Classics in Deaf Studies Series
George M. Teegarden (1852-1936) taught at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf for 48 years, established the printing department, ...

The Deaf Experience

Classics in Language and Education

The seminal study of the antecedents of Deaf culture is now back in print. Edited by renowned scholar Harlan Lane, The Deaf Experience: Classics in Language and Education presents a selection of the earliest ...

Sweet Bells Jangled

Laura Redden Searing, A Deaf Poet Restored

First Edition

Laura Redden Searing (1839-1923) defied critics of the time by establishing herself as a successful poet, a poet who was deaf. She began writing verse at the Missouri School for the Deaf in 1858, and, ...

Gaillard in Deaf America

A Portrait of the Deaf Community, 1917, Henri Gaillard

First Edition

In 1917, Henri Gaillard led a delegation of deaf French men to the United States for the centennial celebration of the American School for the Deaf (ASD). The oldest school for deaf students in America, ...

A Mighty Change

An Anthology of Deaf American Writing, 1816 - 1864

First Edition

“I need not tell you that a mighty change has taken place within the last half century, a change for the better,” Alphonso Johnson, the president of the Empire State Association of Deaf-Mutes, signed ...