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An Invincible Spirit

The Story of Don Fulk

By Don Fulk
Translated by Janet Allen
Prologue by Janet Allen
Categories: Biography / Memoir, Disability Studies

“Don taught us how to be a real independent living center. Nothing was easy; every issue that came up on the road to Don’s independence was a challenge and a struggle, but the experience pushed us ...

Silent Life and Silent Language

The Inner Life of a Mute in an Institution for the Deaf

Silent Life and Silent Language presents a fictionalized account of life at a Midwestern residential school for deaf students in the years following the Civil War. Based on the experiences of the author, ...

Signs and Wonders

Religious Rhetoric and the Preservation of Sign Language

1st Edition

Current academic discourse frequently understates the role of religion in the development of the American Deaf community. In her new study, Tracy Ann Morse effects a sharp course correction by delineating ...

Genetics, Disability, and Deafness

First Edition

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Menand begins this wide-ranging volume with an essay that extols diversity and warns of the dangers of modifying the human genome. Nora Groce reviews the ways that ...

Deaf-Blind Reality

Living the Life

1st Edition

Most stories about disabled people are written for the sake of being inspirational. These stories tend to focus on some achievement, such as sports or academics, but rarely do they give a true and complete ...

The History of Special Education

From Isolation to Integration

First Edition

This comprehensive volume examines the facts, characters, and events that shaped this field in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. From the first efforts to teach disabled people in early Christian ...

International Practices in Special Education

Debates and Challenges

1st Edition

Margret A. Winzer and Kas Mazurek combine two disciplines in this collection, comparative and international studies and special education, to explore the ways that diverse nations respond to persons who ...

Deaf and Disability Studies

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

1st Edition

This collection presents 14 essays by renowned scholars on Deaf people, Deafhood, Deaf histories, and Deaf identity, but from different points of view on the Deaf/Disability compass. Editors Susan Burch ...

The History of Inclusion in the United States

First Edition

As a significant term, inclusion came into use relatively recently in the long history of special education in the United States. Since the 1800s, when children with disabilities first were segregated ...

Deaf People in Hitler's Europe

First Edition

Inspired by the conference “Deaf People in Hitler’s Europe, 1933–1945,” hosted jointly by Gallaudet University and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1998, this extraordinary collection, ...