Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters

A New Paradigm

Edited by Peter C. Hauser, Karen L. Finch, and Angela B. Hauser

Categories: Translation and Interpreting Studies
Imprint: Gallaudet University Press
Paperback : 9781563685675, 240 pages, July 2015
Ebook : 9781563684241, 224 pages, September 2009
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This collection defines a new model for interpreting dependent upon close partnerships between the growing number of deaf attorneys, educators, and other professionals and their interpreters.



Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters: A New Paradigm defines a new model that depends upon strong partnerships between the growing number of deaf experts and their interpreters. Editors Peter C. Hauser, Karen L. Finch, and Angela B. Hauser have called upon more than a score of widely respected researchers to discuss the new dynamics of interpreting for deaf professionals.        Divided into two parts, this volume first delineates Designated Interpreting, in which interpreters team with deaf professionals to advance a shared point of view. Chapters in this section include the linguistics of the partnership (Look-Pause-Nod); the varying attitudes and behavior of deaf professionals and their interpreters; interaction in the work-related social setting to ensure equal participation; interpreting as affected by conversational style and gender factors; academic and educational interpreting for deaf academics; and adjusting company policies with professional interpreter guidelines.        Part II, Deaf Professional and Designated Interpreter Partnerships, offers relevant examples of interpreting for deaf professionals in real estate, contemporary art, medicine, business administration, education, mental health, film-making, and information technology. These anecdotal chapters demonstrate the critical complexity of the relationships between professionals and interpreters, a revolutionary transformation that will be appreciated by interpreter preparation programs, instructors, interpreters, and their clients alike.


Peter C. Hauser is Assistant Professor in the Department of Research and Teacher Education at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester, NY.

Karen L. Finch is an instructor in the Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting Education at  the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester, NY.

Angela B. Hauser is a staff interpreter at the University of Rochester, NY.