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Storytelling and Conversation

Discourse in Deaf Communities

1st Edition

In this intriguing book, renowned sociolinguistics experts explore the importance of discourse analysis, a process that examines patterns of language to understand how users build cooperative understanding ...

Discourse in Signed Languages

1st Edition

In this volume, editor Cynthia B. Roy presents a stellar cast of cognitive linguists, sociolinguists, and discourse analysts to discover and demonstrate how sign language users make sense of what is going ...

Linguistics of American Sign Language, 5th Ed.

An Introduction

Fifth Edition, Completely Revised and Updated

Completely reorganized to reflect the growing intricacy of the study of ASL linguistics, the 5th edition presents 26 units in seven parts. Part One: Introduction presents a revision of Defining Language ...

Primary Movement in Sign Languages

A Study of Six Languages

1st Edition

Is it possible to identify sign languages by their prosody, that is, the rhythm and stress of sign production, and then determine if they are related to each other or other sign languages? If so, reasoned ...

Show of Hands

A Natural History of Sign Language

1st Edition

Most scholarly speculation on the origin of human language has centered around speech. However, the growing understanding of sign languages on human development has transformed the debate on language ...

The Study of Signed Languages

Essays in Honor of William C. Stokoe

1st Edition

In 1999, many of today’s notable researchers assembled at a special conference in honor of William C. Stokoe to explore the remarkable research that grew out of his original insights on American Sign ...

Language Policy and Planning for Sign Languages

1st Edition

This volume addresses the burgeoning need for language policy and language planning for the sign languages used by deaf people. Author Timothy Reagan writes for two audiences in his new book, those who ...

Extraordinary from the Ordinary

Personal Experience Narratives in American Sign Language

1st Edition

Personal narratives are one way people code their experiences and convey them to others. Given that speakers can simultaneously express information and define a social situation, analyzing how and why ...

Sign Languages in Contact

First Edition

The 13th Volume in the Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities Series
This volume collects for the first time various accounts of contact between sign languages throughout the world, presenting an exciting ...

It’s Not What You Sign, It’s How You Sign It

Politeness in American Sign Language

First Edition

By Jack Hoza
Categories: Linguistics

The general stereotype regarding interaction between American Sign Language and English is a model of oversimplification: ASL signers are direct and English speakers are indirect. Jack Hoza’s study ...